Can the Ring Spotlight Cam Plus Plug-In recharge an installed battery?

If the Ring Spotlight Cam Plus Plug-in has a backup battery installed, will the battery recharge inside the camera when line power is available?

Context: The outlet I intend to use with the Spotlight cam is controlled by a timer, so my plan was for the camera to be powered by line powered when the timer was on, and battery when the timer is off. But this is really only an acceptable solution if the batteries get recharged inside the camera when line power is delivered.

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I found this similar question about the Stick-Up cam but I’m not sure if the same behavior applies to the Spotlight cam.

Not sure if anyone knows how the Spotlight cam performs in this situation.

Hi @BeffJezos. Yes, the battery should receive a trickle charge from the wired power source. This won’t recharge the battery as fast as manually charging the battery, but it should be sufficient if the Camera is going to be receiving wired power frequently as well.

To help preserve battery life, you can also enable the Dual Power Mode under Device Settings > General Settings > Power Mode. Dual Power Mode will allow the Camera to automatically swap to Battery Mode when wired power is lost, and swap back to Wired Mode once it’s restored. I hope this information helps!

Thank you! Super helpful. Does the stick up cam plug-in also have the dual power mode feature with automatic switching between power sources?

My preference is for the spotlight cam but I’m considering the stickup cam.

@BeffJezos The Stick Up Cam can be manually swapped between Battery or Wired modes, and will require a new setup in the Ring app when changing the power source.

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