Can the Ring Hub activate other devices when motion light turns on?

Hello, I’m new here and don’t yet own the Ring Hub or motion detector flood lights. But I’m thinking of buying them and I wanted to know, if I get the Hub and an outdoor motion sensor light, can I set it up so that hub tells Alexa to make an announcement and turn on other Alexa connected lights/switches if the motion sensor outside goes off? Thanks a bunch!

Great questions, @NervusEnergy! In short, yes you can definitely link your Ring devices to work together. This can be done with Alexa and/ or the Ring app. If you have the Floodlight Camera and the Smart Lighting devices with a Bridge, these can all be linked for integration, automation, and scheduling, within the Ring app.

To answer your specific question about Alexa, check out our help center article for great tips on integrating Alexa with your Ring devices, including creating routines. This will help you accomplish what you are looking for. :slight_smile: