Can the Ring app allert me in the same way a phone call comes in?

Hi, I just installed my Ring Wired and all is working. But I am too slow. When the Ring is rung, it takes a little while for my phone to react. Then I need to activate, unlock, pull down the notifications pull-down, tap on the message, and then the Ring app wakes up. Most people ringing the bell here, mostly delivery of packages, don’t wait that long. Is there a way to set the app so it is ready and waiting for me, like an incoming phone call, so only one tap / swipe action gets me into the live connection? I have an Android (Samsung) phone, but the same question goes for my wife’s iPhone.


You can try the Rapid Ring app. Here’s the link for Android. Rapid Ring - Apps on Google Play
I too have not had much luck at being able to answer the doorbell via my phone quickly. I ended up getting an Amazon Echo device to put by my door so I can see the video and answer the doorbell.