Can’t View Videos in App While Overseas without VPN

I am having trouble viewing videos while overseas. I am currently in the Philippines. I am able to access the app and see the video time slots but they do not play. If I turn on my VPN and make it appear I am in the US the video loads just fine and plays on the same internet connection. Has Ring made the decision on behalf of its customers to restrict viewing in some countries and how do you turn that off?


Hey @Dtdph. I reached out to a couple team members in our advanced technical team to get this cleared up. They let me know that we do not restrict viewing access for specific countries, so this could be due to a couple different reasons, but most likely due to the network you’re connected to. I know you mentioned you are traveling, so if you’re connected to a public wifi source too, like a hotel or business wifi, there may be restrictions from that network that are overwritten when you use the VPN. If this is not a public wifi, I recommend contacting the ISP for where you are to see if they can see why the Live View is restricted when connected to their connection. Lastly, do you have cellular data at all? You may be able to load the Live View without the VPN when connected to cellular data instead of a wifi connection. :slight_smile: