Can’t hear outside on live view


I’ve had doorbell 2 for a few months with no issues.

Today when I went into live view there was no outside audio. Normally I can hear traffic passing etc.

ive rebooted the router. Reset the camera. But still all silent

anyone know what this issue could be please as it’s now driving me mad



I have the exact same issue with mine. It has always worked fine until maybe a month to 6 weeks ago and it just doesn’t work now. I’ve tried everything and no results.

Sorry to hear about this @Juju22 and @AB11! I recommend uninstalling and reinstalling the app to ensure it is not an integration concern with the app and mobile devices. Try also, power cycling the device by removing the battery and reinserting. Let us know how this goes!

Hi. I’ve done all of this. I’m getting a replacement sent out


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I have the same issue. I found a post that suggested you disconnect any blue tooth devices so I disconnect my watch and this worked. So apparently if I want to answer the doorbell now I have to turn off the bluetooth first. Makes no sense to me. Is there a fix to this?