Can’t add sensors as Shared User

The instructions say to select

“Set Up A Device”
“Security Devices”
“Contact Sensor”

When I select “Set Up A Device”, I do not see “Security Devices”, the closest selection is simply “Security”, and if I select that, there is no option to add a sensor

Hi @mtoy. Do you have the Ring Alarm security system with the Base Station already set up under your Ring account? You can’t add a Contact Sensor or Motion Detector without the Base Station, as they are components of the Ring Alarm security system. If you do already have the Base Station set up on your account, please send a screenshot of what you see after you tap the “Security” option under “Set Up a Device” so I can see what you’re seeing on your end.

OK, I figured it out. This is a shared house and only the owner can add sensors. As someone added as a shared user, I can’t add sensors

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