Can stick-up cam work with intermittent wifi?

I want to install a camera in the elevator. The elevator is not always in wifi range. Will the camera be smart enough to buffer video while there is no wifi and upload it when there is? Or will I risk losing video of captured motion while the camera is not in range?

Hi @user3582. If the cam is not connected to WiFi, it will not record. The cam requires an active WiFi connection to record.

@user35821 A Wi-Fi based camera is def not the solution for you here. You will need to get something installed professionally which is hardwired via ethernet. I suspect getting this installed in an elevator will not be cheap however given how the cable will need to be managed accommodating for the motion of the elevator. Might be able to hide a small NVR somewhere in the elevator and tap into the existing power but to access the footage remotely the NVR needs to be network connected.

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