Can Ring turn on and off a power outlet based on alarm armed status?

I have seen that several GE power outlets are compatible with ring. I want to know if its possible to arm my alarm system and power on the outlet. When i disarm the system the power outlet turns off. I want to run POE interior cameras and I feel much more at ease if the cameras have no power while I am home. And ideally it wouldn’t be something else to remember to turn on and off, that it would work with the alarm system. Thank you.

Hi there, @Keymaster! Good news, you can definitely accomplish this with integration through the Ring Alarm and the Amazon Alexa app. What you will need to do first is link your Alarm with Alexa Guard, and then create a routine based off of Alexa Guard going into Away mode to then turn a switch on or off.

For example, once it’s paired with Alexa Guard, you would need to create a routine that says “When Alexa Guard goes into Away, turn on my switch.” Please be aware that this would not work for Home mode, which should be fine since you said you don’t want them on when you’re home!

I’m going to give that a shot. Thank you!

Thank you for the links. I’ve tried following the instructions, but I have a question. Do I need an echo device to do this? I have alexa on my phone but no Echo devices. I don’t see any options to set up Guard now.

There’s been a lot of conversation about this on another thread. Ring Alarm won’t do it on its own but using Simple Commands ( will work if you integrate it with Ring Alarm through software.

RingA armed --> SC --> SC trigger --> --> RingA turn on outlet

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Hey there, @Keymaster! Yes, you will need an Alexa enabled device to do this, like the dot or the echo. Alexa Guard will be used through that device to “listen” for a glass breaking sound, and other features of Alexa Guard. If you’re looking for a good deal, it looks like Amazon is having a deal on getting a dot here. Hope this helps!

Don’t want Alexa listening in my house. To many horror stories. Need a sensor that is tuned to glass breakage nothing else. Simply Safe, ADT and others have it. Why not ring