Can ring trigger alarm only if a person is detected in midnight?

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Since my Arlo cams are going into end of life I’m looking for a better choice. Though Arlo tags alerts with person/vehicle, it‘s not allowed to set a rule based on what’s detected. Instead, the rule can only be triggering alarm when a motion is detected. Since there’re many wild animals around my neighborhood I don’t want to be waken up due to false alarms.
Can Ring solve my problem?

Hi @user32281. Check out this information here on our Smart Alerts. This feature allows you to refine your alerts and puts you in control of what gets recorded. Let me know if you have any other questions.

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This seems to talk about notifications only. Can an alarm be triggered only if a person is detected?

Hi @user32281. Ring Cameras and Doorbells cannot trigger the Ring Alarm or the siren on the Security Cameras. This is to prevent unwanted and disruptive sirens or alarms from going off. If you have the Ring Alarm system and a Ring Security Camera, you can link them together so that the sirens on the Cameras will play when the Ring Alarm is triggered.

This is really disappointing. My current alarm is able to be scheduled for different actions at different times. The light and siren are scheduled to activate between late evening to early morning. In 6 months, it’s activated once because I had a trespasser/criminal in my driveway. The recording shows that the light alone did not deter them. The siren saw them running away. How can you call your cameras security cameras when they’re really not? Once in six months is not excessive.

I have several Ring cameras and a couple of Alexa dots and a “Show” (8" screen). They are cheaper than “real” security systems, can be added one by one for the budget-challenged, and offer a crude entry into smart home systems. However, once you start realizing the limitations of the hardware/software and the privacy concerns with the Amazon-connected or Google-connected systems, you may want to reconsider the whole cheapo surveillance brand approach (Arlo/Wyze/Ring/etc) and get a real system that can show you all your cameras at once in a multi-view display, and other standard video surveillance features. A neighbor has a 4K video system that he bought at Costco, with I think 8 cameras and a DVR; I think it was the AvertX brand, which goes for $2000.

TL;DR: You get what you pay for (except in alarm service! Check out AlarmGrid if you’re handy and don’t want to sign a predatory contract with an alarm company! I am not affiliated, but am a happy customer. I didn’t add cameras to my AlarmGrid Qolsys IQ system because the cameras cost more than I could justify to my wife, so I set up Ring separately…with regrets.)

@user32281 As you originally posted that in January, I’m sure you’ve already read by now that Arlo has stated that they will push back the EOL dates on legacy products and will not renege on their promise of forever free 7-day recording.

Ring security cameras are more like expensive toys. Several times a day, my Stick Up cams (3rd gen) identity animals (birds, rabbits, cats) as people. Most of the time, it doesn’t properly identify people, and sometimes it misses recording people all together. Ring has not improved the performance of their hardware or firmware. The app is stable and provides good integration of products, but I’m mainly using Stick Ups to watch wildlife because I know that they don’t have reliable motion detection.

Today, I slowly walked in from of my Ring Floodlight Cams six times, and it only identified me as a person 4 times, so 33% failure rate (granted small sample size).

So, with Ring cameras, triggering alarms with person detection will likely be frustrating for you and your neigbors.

Also, very few of the Ring cameras have “advanced pre-roll” (or lookback or foresight) even when plugged in, so the cameras are going to miss the most important part of the motion, or miss it all together.

Arlo has it’s own issues, of course. The legacy products were great hardware, but the app is buggy and seems to getting worse, as least for my legacy products without subscription. I’ve seen review videos that show that the new Arlos don’t have video clarity that are as great as the resolution indicates because of the server compression rate. I don’t have any experience with Arlo person detection. Does it work well?

I’m trying to figure out what to do regarding Arlo legacy products as well. Without lookback/advanced pre-roll, the Ring cameras are useless.

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