Can ring trigger alarm only if a person is detected in midnight?

Hi there,
Since my Arlo cams are going into end of life I’m looking for a better choice. Though Arlo tags alerts with person/vehicle, it‘s not allowed to set a rule based on what’s detected. Instead, the rule can only be triggering alarm when a motion is detected. Since there’re many wild animals around my neighborhood I don’t want to be waken up due to false alarms.
Can Ring solve my problem?

Hi @user32281. Check out this information here on our Smart Alerts. This feature allows you to refine your alerts and puts you in control of what gets recorded. Let me know if you have any other questions.

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This seems to talk about notifications only. Can an alarm be triggered only if a person is detected?

Hi @user32281. Ring Cameras and Doorbells cannot trigger the Ring Alarm or the siren on the Security Cameras. This is to prevent unwanted and disruptive sirens or alarms from going off. If you have the Ring Alarm system and a Ring Security Camera, you can link them together so that the sirens on the Cameras will play when the Ring Alarm is triggered.