Can Ring plug-in power be used for Stick Up Battery Cam Gen 3?

Hi, I have a Stick Up battery camera Gen 3. Can I use Ring’s outdoor plug-in power with it?

This is the one: Indoor/Outdoor Power Adapter | Stick Up Cam Plug-In | Ring

The item description said that it’s for “stick up cam plug-in”.


Hi @python5. Yes, as you can see in the picture below, this is designed for the Stick Up Cam Gen 3.

Thanks for the reply. I did see the specs and as you see, it said “for stick up cam Plug-in” and that was my confusion. As I know, the stick up cam plug-in and stick up cam battery are 2 different products.

@Tom_Ring Will this power adapter power the Stick Up camera and charge the battery at the same time? Also, can I remove the battery while connected to power? Thanks,

Hi @python5. I am happy to chime in. Yes, to both of your questions.

I have the reverse situation - I have the Ring outdoor stick Cam - plug-in. It doesn’t come with a battery but if I buy one will I be able to fit the battery with the plug-in power connected to both power the cam AND charge the battery (as a backup if there’s a power cut)?

Hi @dollar1952. Yes, to both of your questions. We have this Help Center page with more information on dual-power mode.

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