Can Ring Note on an Account to ALWAYS Reach Out to Emergency Contacts?

Backstory: My 93-year-old grandmother fell early last week and wasn’t found for at least a couple of days. We are working to make her home safe for her to move back in, should she choose. We are planning to utilize Ring Alarm Pro to help protect her home until she does or the house is sold. If she chooses to move home, we intend to use cameras and/or motion sensors for proof of life (motion = life). We are also planning to set panic buttons up in such a way that she can get at one from wherever she falls. We want to make sure RIng will try to contact her in case she needs an ambulance and make positive contact with at least one of her four children to ensure they know she’s had a medical emergency.

I understand that shared users will get push notifications when the panic button is used for at least police or medical. However, is it possible to have the response plan always include reaching out to the emergency contacts? I’m sure that if it is, this something that has to be arranged directly with customer support or the response center.

Related question: Is there a compatible “personal” panic button that we can have her wear. A 2.5" x 1" pendant seems a bit large. Regardless of how many panic buttons we set up, I don’t think we’d be able to set up enough without having a personal button.

TIA for any help, even if the answer is “No,” for both questions.

Hi @nconantj. I’m sorry to hear about what happened with your grandmother and I hope she’s recovering well. The Panic Button would trigger the panic alarm response. When a panic alarm signal is received, the monitoring center will only call your first emergency contact:

  • If the first emergency contact answers the call and confirms the emergency or asks for help, police dispatch is requested.
  • If the first emergency contact answers the call and gives the wrong verbal password, police dispatch is requested.
  • If the first emergency contact doesn’t answer the call, police dispatch is requested.

Unfortunately there isn’t a way to change how the response plans function, and there is no personal or wearable Panic Button available. There is also an SOS Alarm in the Ring app where a user can manually request police, fire, or medical assistance. When this is triggered, the monitoring center will call your first emergency contact. If no one answers, the monitoring center will request police, fire dispatch or medical response depending on which selection was made. You can read more about all of the Professional Monitoring response plans here. I hope this information helps.