Can Ring Edge be set up to record locally if the internet goes out?

If you have a Ring Alarm Pro base station, can you set your cameras to record to the cloud but switch to local recording if the internet goes out?

The way local recording is implemented by Ring, I can’t think of a single reason (other than paranoia) why you’d want to record locally instead of recording to the cloud. But since you are forced to choose, it would be good if you could switch to local recording in case of an internet outage. Is that an option?

I know it has limited backup internet but assume you’ve run out of backup data, or you are running in bridge mode (which means you get no backup internet).

Hi @uscpsycho. This feature is known as Ring Edge. You can learn more about this feature here.

Hi Tom_Ring - I think uscpsycho is asking about the camera automatically switching to record locally when the connection goes out automatically and can no longer save to the cloud. I don’t see that as a feature but do think it is a good idea.

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