Can Ring alarm turn on Ring smart lights?

I want to know if there is a way to have the Ring alarm turn on Ring lights when the alarm is triggered? And then turn them off when the alarm is silenced?

I know there is now way to do this with Alexa or anything else. So I’m hoping there is some way within the Ring ecosystem to have lights turn on/off with the alarm. I have read that this is possible if you have a smart light bridge, but I see nothing on Ring’s website to confirm it.

I’m hoping the Ring smart lights can be treated as a linked device that can be turned on in the “When alarm base station is sounding your other devices will…” screen from the base station settings.

Hi @uscpsycho. In order to use the Linked Devices feature with Ring Smart Lighting devices, you’ll need to set them up with a Ring Bridge. The Ring Bridge is required to access smart controls for your Ring Smart Lights in the Ring app. Once your Smart Lights are set up with your Ring Bridge, you can use the Linked Devices feature to have the lights turn on when the Ring Alarm siren is triggered. I hope that helps!

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