Can Ring Alarm enable Stick Up Cam motion detection?

Looking into further integrate the Ring Alarm and Stick Up Camera. I only want the Stick Up cam to enable motion detection/recording when the Ring Alarm is in Away/Armed mode. Is there a way to set this up?


Solid Idea @RaidenSix ! Currently the linked device feature for the Stick Up Cam and Alarm only allows for a motion to record when the Alarm’s entry delay is triggered. Do you want to post this great feature request, here, so the team can properly track? Thanks!

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Hi—We really need this for all cameras as an option. This was available on the Simplisafe cameras which was great. They were always detecting motion when you were armed. Thanks–dxfiles!

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Yes by all means!

New Modes features is suppose to allow this:

Still hasn’t been rolled out yet.

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Crazycat–lets hope this happens…that would be great!