Can ring alarm connect to my existing wireless sensors/wireless communicator?

Hello, I currently have a DSC system with wireless sensors throughout my house. It is this model: IMPASSA Self-Contained 2-Way Wireless Security System (SCW9057).

I want to connect the system or the sensors into a Ring setup. Even though my current model has the option to connect to a cell system, my current alarm company does not have that set up (though they do for newer alarms, go figure). Moreover, they will only allow me to hook my alarm up to a cell or wifi network if I buy a whole new upgraded system (Qolsys IQ Panel), as that is the only one they offer that can integrate with all my wireless sensors. And switching to cell service will increase my monthly bill (even though I have to also buy the cell communicator). I had the system connected to a phone line, but I’ve since removed that line from my house.

I already have three ring cams, and I’d prefer to just use one system for everything. Given how much my current company is nickel and diming me here, I’m ready to just switch everything to ring.

Does the ring alarm either (1) allow a hook up into a wireless system like the one I have, or (2) connect to wireless sensors like the type my system currently uses?

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

Hi @user73466. The Ring Alarm will not connect to existing wireless sensors. The Ring Alarm system uses a Z-Wave signal to communicate with it’s corresponding sensors and is unable to communicate with unapproved sensors. You would need an entirely new system. I hope this information helps.