Can ring alarm be used without internet or wifi?

I’m renovating a vacant home without internet or wifi. Can I use ring alarm or the ring flood camera? I see that the ring alarm will use a cell backup but I’ll never have any type of internet or wifi so thats the only method to connect to the monitoring. I would like to use the ring monitoring. Thanks.

Hey @Montagjm. As our devices are wifi enabled, you will need a solid and constant wifi connection to connect your Base Station and Floodlight Cam. The Floodlight Cam will not work without a wifi connection, and even if you get one to first set up the Base Station, it is not meant to stay in cellular backup for more than 24 hours, as the cellular backup may slow down and cause delays. We recommend trying to establish an internet connection in the place first so that the devices can be up and running to protect this vacant home.