Can Ring Access controller Pro be connected to an AAS keypad?


Looking to purchase the Ring Access Controller Pro (Cellular) so I can answer when the intercom button is pressed on the AAS-ADV-1000i keypad attached to the Viking dual arm swing gate.

Would I be able to connect the Ring Access Controller Pro to the intercom connection of my 1000i keypad (



I am not sure exactly what you mean by “answer the intercom button” on our keypad. The Ring Access Controller Pro (RACP) is essentially a App controlled door buzzer; instead of pushing a button on the wall to let someone in, you can do it on your phone from anywhere.

The RACP has 4 outputs on it (2 are Wiegand / communicative, and 2 are Relay Outputs.) If you go go [] and search for Wiegand, you can see that your intercom has two interface for Wiegand AAS 12-000 keypads. That means it MIGHT be possible to wire one of the RACP wiegand outputs to your AAS system Wiegand interface. The AAS system is a 26-bit Wiegand system, and the RACP probably supports that, but I cannot find any information regarding setting up / configuring the RACP as a Wiegand device. I think you’ll have to call technical support to be certain.

Also note that the Ring App cannot use a RACP without a Ring Camera or Doorbell. If you are trying to use this for Amazon Key in an apartment building, it will work without a camera, but you will not be able to share access with tenants via the Ring App or Key by Amazon App unless you have a Ring Camera.