Can Ring 2 be mounted to door?

Has anyone had any success or fails with mounting a Ring 2 to the door, instead of to the building’s exterior?

My existing doorbell’s location presents several challenges:

  1. The doorbell is mounted to the right of the door. But since the door frame includes a sidelight, it is a good 10-12 inches to the right of the door. The angle for the camera may be suboptimal.
  2. The front porch has an overhanging roof, which is supported by a 12" post. The post is directly in front of the existing doorbell. This will clearly be an obstruction in the center of the camera’s field of view.
  3. Lastly, the existing doorbell is mounted on wood trim that is about 2" wide. The Ring 2 really needs 2.5". I can overcome this with an additional piece of trim mounted on the inside edge of the existing trim, which would expand the wood surface to the required 2.5". It obviously is less than ideal, but the unit would be securely mounted.

My biggest concern with mounting it to the door is how it will hold up to the banging when the door is closed.

Any thoughts?


If you do not intend to connect the Ring unit to your existing chimes, it can wirelessly sound up to 5 wireless chimes which just plug into your electrical outlets anywhere in the house. It runs on a battery so doesn’t need power cables to it and using the wireless chimes it doesn’t need cables from it, so you can fix it anywhere that you can screw in to a receptive surface.

If you want to use your existing chimes you would have to run a cable from the back of the ring unit through the door and over the hinged edge of the door and pick up the wiring from the existing chimes, but since this might look unsightly, has some technical problems with electrical compatibility and merely saves you the cost of the wireless chime units, it probably would be better not to attempt it.