Can peephole detect owner or familiar faces?

Hello everyone!

I ordered peephole came yesterday and just now realized that ring cameras doesn’t have AI capabilities unlike in Nest cameras.

I live in an apartment so the only option I have is to go with battery powered door cam.

Can peephole detect owner or familiar faces? Are we going to get consistent notifications whenever we (owner or family member) opens the door?

Thank you!

Hey @SarahMoore, I currently own a Peephole Cam and wanted to share my features and settings I have on that seem to work best. While the Cam does not have special detection where it will not alert you if it sees a familiar face, you can customize the motion to block out certain areas or not alert you as much; that’s something you could play around with.

Although, for me, since I live in an apartment complex and have people going in front of it all the time, I turned off motion alerts for the device and put the motion sensitivity all the way down as low as it could go. Yes, it still does pick up some people further away, but it limits the amount of recordings I have in my event history.

Additionally, only having Ring alerts on helps me greatly, as this way I only get a notification if someone is knocking or dinging my Doorbell, automatically triggering a notification to my phone and a recording on my device. Hope this helps!