Can owner of a device on ring share with other users in house for instance changing new network

There are 4 adult members in our household (all related). I am the owner of the Ring Doorbell and The Backyard device. My son-in-law is the owner of the Front and side devices. I have asked this question a number of years ago but now just want to know and hope the situation has changed.

We have had new wi-fi installed and of course have to link the devices to the new Network. Not a problem with the devices I own.
However my son-in-law is not always available to do this (for example if he is away). Is it possible for 2 people to access all devices for situations like this or can my son-in-law give me the ownership of the devices he controls.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Hi @Loey. Anyone can be a Shared User of a device. If you would like to take ownership of a device, the current owner would need to remove the device from their ownership and you would need to setup the device.

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