Can not answer away from the house

I installed the doorbell in January. It is hardwired. I can only answer the door if I’m home. Kind of defeats the purpose.

Hi @Dlsahli, do you mean that your Live View only seems to load when you are home? If this is the case, the wifi network that you’re connected to when you’re away or the mobile data provided by your cell phone provider may not be enough in order to connect.

When you are away, if you’re on a work wifi and the Live View is not loading, please disconnect the wifi and try your mobile data. This could help out, as the wifi network you’re connected to may have certain security protocols in place that restrict live streaming, which is what the Live View is considered.

Additionally, if you’re on mobile data and the Live View is not loading, it may be good to reach out to your provider to see if they are limiting any of your data usage or to isolate the concern with them. :slight_smile: