Can my Ring Doorbell work with this older doorbell wiring?

Hi there, I recently bought a wireless Ring Doorbell and want to know if the wires in my current, older doorbell (photos attached) will work? I see two of them and per the instructions I should connect them but wasn’t sure. Thank you!

Hi there, @bling1105! Thank you for this picture example. Unsure if this is the chime kit, the button, or an intercom style kit, but feel free to confirm this on our Chime Compatibility list.

If you are just wanted to use the wiring to provide a trickle charge to your Video Doorbell battery, these wires look adequate. Please also ensure the transformer is providing enough power. When checking wiring for an install, I like to use this hardwiring checklist, as it is full of some great factors to consider. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: