Can Motion Notification be Auto Turned off based on my location?

I am a recent convert to Ring Cameras from the Nest camera. I recently installed 2 indoor Ring cameras and they are great. One feature I am wondering if it is available that I loved with my Nest camera… Is it possible for the nest camera’s to detect my location based on my phone and automatically turn off motion notifications when I get home and re-activate them once I leave for work or run an errand?


Is it only able to be manually turned on and off?

At this point there is no location turn on or off with Ring.

Thank you for the quick reply!

So if I just have multiple cameras and I do not have the full alarm system… What do you reccomend as the easiest way to not be bombarded with motion notifications when I am at home?

I saw you can quickly snooze up to 4 hours, which seems to be the easiest and just occasionally have to turn it off if I run out and run some errands. Then when I get home re-activate it.

I also so you can shcedule time for snoozing notifications, but once again when things come up where you have to run out to do something that is not part of your normal schedule I thought it was kind of a pain to dig so far into the app to turn off a shedule. Didnt know if any one had a better practice for this?