Can Keypad always display armed status

My Gen2 Keypad in my newly installed security system is dark until I touch a key. It has wired power so can I get it to show the current arm state all the time by keeping the appropriate button lit?

This sounds like the Keypad power save mode. The Ring Alarm Keypad has two power save options:

  • With power save on: Mode buttons light up when a button is pressed. Numbers light up when it’s dark and any button is pressed. This option will conserve the most energy.
  • With power save off: Mode buttons light up when motion is detected. Numbers light up when it’s dark and either (1) a button is pressed or (2) motion is detected.

In order to turn on and off the Keypad power save mode, you’ll need to open the app and use the toggled on the Keypad settings page. From the menu, tap Devices, tap Alarm Base Station, then Keypad . On the Device Details page, tap the gear icon in the corner. :slight_smile: