Can I use US Ring Floodlight Cam outside US?

Got a Ring Floodlight Cam from Costco here in the US. Can I set it up for use in Costa Rica? Will it work there? Thanks in advance for any help!

Hi @Marz2112. Ring isn’t currently available in Costa Rica, so we cannot guarantee that a Floodlight Cam designed for use in the United States will work in Costa Rica. We always recommend to wait until our devices are sold in your region to ensure they work properly. You can find a list of countries our devices are sold in on our website here. I hope that helps answer your question.

Thanks Caitlyn. Out of curiosity, is it the app that wont work (wont communicate with the floodlight cam)? What are some of the things that may make it not work in CR? Looks like I may have to return it then :frowning: