Can I use ring doorbell with wifi but without internet?

Hi you guys,
I want to use the ring doorbell for the first two months without internet. There is wifi though.
For this time I just want the chime to ring if someone presses the button.
Can I use the ring doorbell without internet for this time?

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Hi @Zuendi. Ring Doorbells need a stable internet connection in order to function. Without an internet connection, your Ring Doorbell will not work as intended as it is not connected to the internet and is not able to communicate with the Ring app. I hope this answers your questions. :slight_smile:

Hi Caitlyn,
thanks for your response =) Was does “will not work as intended” mean? Doesn’t it work at all, or does it work with limited functionality?
Thanks again.
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Ring Doorbells do not work without a wifi connection. There is no limited functionality as the Doorbell requires a stable internet connection in order to function.

We have a Chime Pro - can this be the ‘wi-fi connection’ ? In other words, if I connect the doorbell to the Chime network will the chime sound when the doorbell is pressed (while home broadband/wi-fi is temporarily unavailable). I can use a temporary hotspot to set this up.

Otherwise we risk missing the engineer when he comes to fix our broadband!

The Ring Chime Pro is able to extend your WiFi network coverage via a dedicated Chime Pro access point for your Ring devices. The Chime Pro does need an existing WiFi network for it to extend these resources.

Once the Chime Pro and Video Doorbell is setup and connected in the Ring app, you can then link your Chime Pro and Video Doorbell for sound as well as to use as an extender. If you are needing to upgrade your network for better coverage, feel free to check out our Eero section at :slight_smile:

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@Malinky did you ever resolve or figure this out? I’m in the same boat and can’t get a clear answer that if we can technically speaking use the video “doorbell” that is initially synced with the chime pro as intended, “a doorbell”, without active broadband/internet… if that’s not possible, then I would argue that their marketing and advertisement as a doorbell is completely misleading and false advertising given the websters dictionary definition of a doorbell.

My question is to similar to this to write a new one. I can set up the doorbell and chime at one location then place them somewhere else. The doorbell will get a wifi connection but the chime will not. Extenders are not an option. Will the system work if the chime does not have an internet connection.