Can I use my old mechanical alarm box?

I am upgrading for my old home security system by gutting out the controller and installing a Ring Alarm Pro with Protect Pro monitoring service. I plan on using the Ring Retrofit Alarm kit to reuse my hardwired contact switches on the exterior doors, which is great. Does anyone know if Ring can support (energize) the exterior mechanical alarm box mounted on the side of my house. It’s very loud and effective in notifying the neighbors of a problem, so I don’t want to lose the functionality. Appreciate any input. …btw, I am not talking about the doorbell chime. Thanks

Hi @CycleLife. The Retrofit Alarm Kit does not work with other security devices from your previous alarm system, such as sirens or keypads. It only works with compatible wired contact sensor zones. You can learn more about the Retrofit Alarm Kit here.

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