Can i use multiple base units on same IP address but class them as different locations?

I don’t need professional monitoring but considering three base units at same home address so as to zone the house, shed and garage so we can arm and disarm independently - will Alexa work with three base units named differently but all on same router??? Has anyone done this? Thanks

I have two base units ultimately on same router. No issues and can ask Alexa to arm/disarm individually. Don’t see why it couldn’t be three. I don’t think Alexa cares about single external IP address as it can individually reference all the devices for example I use the motion sensors to trigger a light coming on. If it saw everything behind a single IP as “one” that wouldn’t be possible. Hope this helps.

Hi @NellieG. The issue isn’t the IP address, it’s that only one Ring Alarm can be set up per Location in the Ring app. We don’t recommend trying to set up multiple Locations with the same address to use multiple Ring Alarm systems, as you could run into issues. Wifi connectivity can be a problem when trying to reach from the router in your home to an external building, such as a shed. Of course you’re welcome to set things up to your liking, but keep in mind you may run into issues as this isn’t the intended use case for the Ring Alarm.