Can I use cat 6 to power a wired doorbell (not elite)?

I installed Cat 6 in preparation for using POE with the elite doorbell. I was not made aware that the elite is NOT a flush mount and I don’t have the ability to install it in the exterior wall. Frustrating. So, I’m now looking at using one of the Wired pro doorbells as an alternative. Can I use that Cat 6 wire to power the doorbell with a transformer in my network room? If so, which transformer?

Hi @meritage. Only the Video Doorbell Elite can be powered via PoE adapter at this time. The Video Doorbell Pro must be hardwired to an existing doorbell circuit, utilizing a compatible transformer. You can also use the Plug-In Adapter to plug the Doorbell Pro into a power outlet if you do not have an existing doorbell circuit. I’d recommend reviewing this Help Center article for a quick overview of the power requirements for each Video Doorbell model.

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