Can I stop shared users seeing motion notifications?

So I have a Ring Video Doorbell 4 installed. In the Ring app, I shared the doorbell with my wife and three daughters.

It’s my eldest daughter’s 18th next week and we will be throwing a surprise party for her - but she has the motion notifications that pop up whenever someone’s at the door.

The plan is for my wife to take her out shopping, while friends and family pile round to the house. So when they get home, we’ll all say “SURPRISE!!!” Etc. :slight_smile:

In my Ring app, I can turn off motion notifications, to try to prevent her seeing people arriving. But will she still see them, if she still has the motion notifications settings enabled on her phone?!

How do I get around that?

Notifications are controlled per mobile device. This means that a Share User has full control over when they receive notifications, or when they do not. As the owner, you also have a great control over shared users and their access. You may revoke a Shared User’s access to a particular device at anytime. Check out our Help Center article for more tips on controlling users in the Ring app. :slight_smile:

Thank you Marley, this is useful to know!

However, if I revoke her access (for example for the time she goes shopping, till the time she gets home to her party) does she get a notification?

She’s a smart kid and I think she’ll twig something is going on if she sees a “you have been revoked access” type message.

However, if there is no such message, then I think we’re good to go!

Her birthday is on Monday so I’ll let you know if we were successful or not!

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As I did not see this detail in any of our technical resources, I tried this personally just to be sure, and there is indeed no notification when removing a shared user. I’ll pass this awesome feedback along to our teams for future improvements.

I had my shared user check for any in app pop up notices, mobile device notifications, and emails, and no alert was ever received. The shared user did, of course, notice the camera missing from their shared list in their Ring app. Otherwise, stealth mode activated! :slight_smile:

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Hey Marley - just wanted to close the loop on this one! Your suggestion worked flawlessly - we were able to pull off the surprise birthday get together without my daughter seeing everyone arrive! Yay!

To be fair, it was only a small number of people anyway (due to covid, etc.) but it worked well, and I was glad we were able to pull it off, even with the Ring doorbell installed.

Thanks again!

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Great to hear this @a5a2b50410a1f02646f6dc26b58981. Happy belated Birthday!! :birthday: