Can I Sell Unused Pieces of Alarm System?

I purchased the 14 piece set and it came with some additional components that I don’t need, like a secondary keypad. It was still cheaper to buy the 14 piece set with extra parts than to buy a smaller set and buy the components I needed separately. I was wondering if I could sell the extra components and have them work properly with another person’s system? I noticed these unused components are tied to my system (they say they’re offline, but it knows about them), so I was uncertain what selling them to another person would do, or if it would even work. Thanks!

Hi @user13093. Yes. The Ring Alarm accessories can be used on any Ring Alarm system. There may be some additional steps needed to clear the Z-Wave network on them and get them to connect, but they will work. I hope this helps.

Great thanks! Can you advise the steps I or another potential user of my accessories would need to do in order to get this to work?

Hi @user13093. This Help Center article here will have information on how to Factory Reset your Ring Alarm accessories. Additionally, you will have to remove the Z-Wave device, which the steps will be listed when you select the specific sensor you are working on. I hope this helps.