Can I Mount Smoke/CO Listener to Ceiling with double sided tape?

I am trying to mount my Smoke/CO Listener next to my ceiling mounted SMoke/CO Detector. The anchors and screws are not working due to several issues with structure of the ceiling. I could run out and get some smaller anchors, but would it be OK to just mount with the same 3M double sided tape that came with the Motion Sensor? There is a square block of it left.

The SmokeCO Listener seems lighter than the Motion Sensor so strength should not be issue. Any other reason we should not mount it to the ceiling with a couple piecs of the double sided tape?

I would stil place it 3" away from the Smoke/CO Detector.

Any advice?

Glad you asked @bgarrant! Due to the location and positioning of a Smoke/ CO listener, we do not recommend double sided tape be used, especially as a permanent mounting solution. Reason being is that adhesive can wear off, or water/ steam could reach this tape. For safety reasons, and to also ensure your device does not fall causing damage or false alarms, I recommend using any hardware you can to mount this.

Feel free to include an image of your ceiling/ mounting scenario, as there may be some neighbors around the Community with great advice for you! :slight_smile: