Can I mount a Video Doorbell 3 with more angle than corner mount allows (15°)?

The only place I could mount my ring Video Doorbell 3 was perpendicular to the door in the sidelight frame. The corner mount does not turn the doorbell out far enough. Are there larger corner mounts, or can I stack a second corner mount on the first one?

I see adjustable corner mounts online, but they’re only for the Doorbell 1 and Doorbell 2. Will a Doorbell 3 fit the same corner mounts as a 2 or a 1?


Hey @TJNoffy. We have the corner kit for the Ring Video Doorbell 3 and 3 Plus here. You can stack the pieces from the corner kit, but we do not recommend stacking more than 2 of them, as they may be unable to fit with the screw. If you’re able to stack multiple and it holds up, feel free to do so! I’ve seen some neighbors in the past accomplish this when needed to get the full 30 degrees or more.

Hi Chelsea,

Thanks for your reply, but when this didn’t get answered in a timely manner, I called Support. That representative pointed me at the same two-piece corner kit, and said that I could stack these two pieces with the original corner mount for a 45° angle, and that the kit comes with screws long enough to do that. Are you saying that’s not the case? That would be unfortunate as it has been ordered and is on the way.

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@TJNoffy Oh perfect! I’m glad they pointed you in the right direction. Three corner pieces can be used, but some neighbors have said that the install is tricky. It does depend and vary on experience for all neighbors, but I have seen as many as four used once, so it is possible! The corner kit is sold with two pieces and a screw long enough for the two pieces.

Although, when there are three pieces in total, the screw may not be long enough, but could just work for you. I recommend still following through with the purchase, and if you’re keen on the idea, coming back to this thread to describe how the setup went for you, and pictures would be awesome! This could help out a neighbor in the future that wants it, and I would love to reference this thread whenever another neighbor may ask. If it does not work out, if you’ve purchased it through, you should be able to return it within the 30 day window we gives for returns. :slight_smile:

Hi Chelsea,
Just got the corner mount today. Attached is a photo of the hardware kit. It includes screws to mount 3 angle brackets, so it should be possible. Will let you know how it goes.

@TJNoffy This is fantastic! Looks like we may have recently added the screw for three of the pieces to fit, so I’m so glad to see that. Hope the install goes well. :slight_smile:

I mounted each angle mount separately, one on top of the other, with progressively longer screws. Seems sturdy, and the angle of my doorbell camera is much better. See attached photo.

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@TJNoffy This is an amazing setup, and looks great too! Thank you so much for showing this in a picture. I will make sure to point other neighbors to this in the event that they want to do the same setup. :catvery-happy: I’m happy to hear that the quality seems to have improved as well. Thanks again for following up, neighbor!

Hi. I saw your pic of the ring 3 using all three of the angles provided. My entry is small and I have a glass storm door that doesn’t allow for much room on either side to swing open or when opened all the way, the glass could touch the doorbell. Can you please tell me how far out the doorbell extends from the flat mounting surface to the furthest part? Huge thanks in advance.

From the flat mounting surface to the farthest corner of the doorbell itself is 3-1/8". Hope that helps!

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Hi! Thankks for the info. I am having the same issues and tried the same solution. But, when I try to screw one angle piece to another, they bend, come apart, and don’t get nice and even like yours. Where did you do the screws? I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. TIA.

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The angle pieces came with 3 lengths of screws. Screwed the 1st piece w/ the short screws straight in at the very left (front) of the slots (narrowest end of angle piece). This keeps everything from sliding back. Then screwed in the second piece with medium screws closer to the middle of the slots at a somewhat back angle. Then the last piece with longest screws farther right in the slots also at a back angle. Obviously the length of the screws will determine how far right in the slots you can go, but keep the second and third piece screws at a back angle. See attached photo. Screw locations are approximate but should give you the idea. Hope that helps.