Can I Manage Multiple Ring Alarms Using the Ring App?

We are planning to purchase two Ring Alarm systems – one for our home and for our my in-law’s home.

Would we be able to monitor and control my in-laws Ring Alarm system from our Ring app? So arm, disarm, etc.? They are elderly so we want to have access to their system remotely. They are capable of arming and disarming the system manually.

In addition, would we be able to monitor their Ring Doorbell from our own Ring app? How would that work? Do we have to switch between our location and theirs?

I’m thinking I could monitor our home and my wife could monitor her parent’s doorbell.

We are also planning to get monitoring accounts for both of our systems for added protection.

Thanks in advance!

Android is all I have

when I open the ring app it has the “location” at the top with a dropdown

in there it says setup a device at a new location

With that said, looks like it will do what you want

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