Can I make a Pro chime from my phone?.....let me explain

Looking to buy a Pro Doorbell. However, we would like to have the ability to make the chime, inside the house, ring from our phone when we are away. I know, sounds odd.

See, this is part of my justification in getting one. We have an Ooma “land line”. Even though it isn’t a traditional land line (VoIP line actually) we only use it to call home when we are away. If one of the kids is NOT answering their cell phones, we call the home phone over and over and they get it cause it rings throughout the house.

Anywho… I would like to install a Ring Doorbell Pro; even pay for the monthly cost too–if I can also make it chime when I’m away from my home. I want to be able to make the chime my new way of getting a hold of those at home. The monthly cost to keep the pro would be offset by me removing my Ooma phone that is honestly ONLY used to notify kids in the house that they are NOT picking up their cell phones, etc.

Hi @MRTKH. The only way for your chime kit to trigger from the Doorbell Pro is when the button itself is pressed. That means there’s no way for you to manually trigger the chime on a Chime or Chime Pro, or on the Doorbell Pro unless you cause a motion event or ring the button itself. I hope that helps answer your questions! :slight_smile: