Can I install Ring Pro without keeping my existing doorbell chime?

We are having a new door installed and purchased a Ring Pro to replace our current doorbell.

The existing doorbell is hardwired, however the chime box is very large and will interfere with the size/trim of our new door.

We would like to remove the actual doorbell chime/box while keeping the existing wiring to power the doorbell, but using the Ring Chime instead of a traditional doorbell chime.

Does anyone have any advice or know if this is possible? We’ve not been able to find any information on it.

Hey @Brownie2626. You can do this, but you will need to ensure the wires are still accurately connected to a transformer and using the Pro Power Kit to help regulate the power to the Doorbell. This looks a lot like our Help Center Article here, which describes how to bypass the internal chime kit by taking the wires from the Front and Trans and putting them into the Bypass part of the Pro Power Kit. From here, this can ignore the internal chime kit, while still providing power to your Doorbell Pro. You can see a wiring diagram for this kind of setup by following this Help Center Article here and clicking on the Direct to Transform diagram (please dismiss the extra Doorbell Pro since you only have one). Lastly, if it’s easier, you can set up the Pro with the Plug in Adapter, as shown here.