Can I hang Flood Light cameras upside down?

I just bought a couple of Flood Light cameras but am waiting for them to arrive. I have only ever seen the Flood Light cameras positioned on a wall and never attached under an overhang. I have to hang one under my overhang, that is where the existing spot light is located in the front of the house at the garage.

I saw that the stickup cameras can can be flipped upside down and you can rotate the image in the software. Can the same thing be done with the Flood Light cameras? If not, can I rotate the lights and the camera to work upside down when mounted?



Hi there, @ljoffe! The Floodlight Camera can certainly be mounted on a ceiling, or under an eave. The image orientation rotation feature is only available for certain Camera models, in which the Floodlight Camera does not have this option. Instead, the Floodlight Cam features various adjustment positions for the Camera assembly and light arms. This will help you to angle the Floodlight Camera accordingly for motion detection and field of view. While I do not have an image example, feel free to check around the Community for any other neighbors who might have shared their Floodlight Camera mounting scenarios. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply. I am hoping to have the cameras delivered by next week so I can get them mounted and confirm what you said. Appreciate the feedback.


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