Can I force an instant health check?

I’m making some changes to my Wifi and need to see the immediate effect on my Ring Pro signal strength, so I need an instant health check. I can’t find any way to do this and it seems I have to wait for ever for the Device Health page to update. Is there any way to force a health check? I thought this used to be possible when I first had m y Ring a few months ago but maybe I imagined it …

Hey @aurorawatcher. You can indeed! If you go through the reconnection/setup process, or trigger a Live View, this could force your device to have a Health Check-in. For the reconnection/setup process, you will go into the Device Health section and take on Change Wifi Network and walk through another setup, as this is a confirmed way to force the Check-ins. Other than that, Live Viewing and events in general should have the device check in.

Live view does not force a health check. Never has for us. And we have five devices.

Turn off live view then turn live view on in the device setting. Then view a live view this will update health check (might take a couple seconds)

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