Can I combine motion schedules with modes?

I am thinking about setting up some motion schedules so that (for example) I don’t get motion alarms on my driveway during the day, but do get them at night. This would be ideal for when I am home, or in Home mode. However, when I am in Away mode, I would like the motion alarms all the time.

I can see how to set up schedules, and enable/disable them, but is there a way to do what I described above by simply changing to Away mode - without having to remember to go tweak my schedules?

Hi @sharper3. Do you have Modes For Cameras enabled? This feature allows you to select how your Cameras behave when you are in a specific Mode. This Help Center article here has more information on Modes for Cameras. Let me know how you like this feature!

Yes I am currently using Modes. I do like the feature. But my question is can I combine Motion Schedules with Modes.

Hi @sharper3. You cannot combine these two features. We do have a Modes Schedule that might be a good solution for you. You can find out more about this feature here.

That is exactly what I need, but I don’t have a Ring Alarm. I only have doorbells and cameras. Any chance that feature will be made available for those devices?

After thinking more, Mode Schedules would work for me, but not perfectly. I could map my desired behavior to one of the three modes, and then schedule them for the times I need. For example, stay in Home Mode during the day, and then switch over to Away Mode when I go to bed. But when I am truly away from home for an extended period, I would have to remember to go cancel the Mode Schedules so that it would stay in Away Mode the whole time. What I really need is a way to tailor behavior when I am in Home Mode…

Disarmed Mode is easy, nothing is recording motion, ever.
Away Mode is easy, everything is recording motion, always.

However, Home Mode is kind of a special case. If I could tailor a motion schedule just to Home Mode I could set it up so that during the day don’t record motion on these devices, and then when I’m in bed turn motion detection on. When I go away, I simply switch to Away Mode.

I think this is a pretty useful feature, not just for me but for many. If you could forward this feedback to your feature team I would appreciate it.

Hi @sharper3. I can certainly pass along this feedback! I also suggest making a more formal request in our Feature Request Board. Additionally, our Geofence feature might be useful as well!