Can I change the car camera wifi

I have the Car Cam, and want to know if there is a way to switch the wifi that the camera connects to. Currently the camera connects to my home wifi when I am home, but I would like to connect to my work wifi when parked at work. How do I do this?
Second question has to do with the length of time the car camera stays on. Does the car camera stay on longer when connected to wifi vs. when it is using LTE?

Hi @Propjet. In order to change the WiFi, you’ll need to go the Device Health menu. Note, the cam can only store and connect to one WiFi at a time. This means you’d have to switch between your work WiFi and home WiFi each time. The length of time the cam stays on directly correlates to the health of the battery in your vehicle. It will stay online as long as your battery can support the power draw on the device.