Can I change my protect plan to another camera?

I have two Ring outdoor cameras. My other Ring malfunctioned and has a monthly protection plan in it, starting yesterday. Can I change it to my other Ring camera?

Good question, @Virpi! If you have the Ring Protect Plus Plan, your new device will automatically be included in the Ring Protect Plus Plan.

If you have the Ring Protect Basic Plan, you’ll need to get a new plan for the new device. Your previous subscription is attached to the other device and the subscription and videos that are stored won’t automatically transfer over to the new device. Before doing this, remember to go into your account and save or download any videos that you may want from your old device. After that, go into your Ring account at and cancel your plan so you can get a refund for any time left over.

For additional information and step by step instructions, feel free to check out our help center article about changing plans. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: