Can I adjust the sensitivity of the Retrofit Alarm Kit

I have had the kit active installed and active for several months. Some of the wired sensors hooked to the Retrofit Alarm Kit occasionally give a quick signal that is interpreted as an open door or window, when there is no such activity; alas that doesn’t matter because it does activate the alarm. I found if I remove wisps of an insect web from the window, the occurrence is reduced if not eliminated. But is there a way to change the sensitivity of this kit so that a brief drop in voltage or amperage that quickly recovers (e.g. in < 1 second and not indicative of a completely open circuit), will not set off the alarm? If not, I may need to disable the system to keep it from waking me at night. Again, this is a very occasional problem, but it is a problem. If the system gave a readout of the detected change in amperage or voltage (whichever is being tracked), it could be useful to also help me troubleshoot the circuit and avoid false alarms.