Can I add an extra keypad?

Can I add an extra keypad?

Hello @rahul ,

Yes! You can add several keypads to your Ring Alarm Base Station (as long as the total number of sensors & keypads do not exceed 99 items).

Also, regardless of whether your Ring Alarm Base Station is the 1st Generation or 2nd Generation, both the Ring 1st Generation and 2nd Generation Keypads and Sensors can be used, because they are all compatible and interchangeable.

Another aspect about Ring Keypads is that they can be used either constantly plugged into the included USB electrical power supply and cable adapter OR can be used unplugged. If you elect to utilize your Ring Keypad unplugged on its internal battery power only, it should last about 7 months depending on usage. You can check the battery level on the Ring App, and then it takes a few hours to recharge the internal rechargeable battery using the USB power adapter.

I hope you find this helpful. :wink:

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