Can Floodlight & Smart Bulbs Drain Doorbell 2

Video Doorbell 2 installed for over a year with no issues. Over Thanksgiving weekend I installed a Floodlight Pro and 4 Smart A19 bulbs. The new fittings are across the garage front (2 bulbs - in new light fixtures - & floodlight) plus 2 bulbs on porch light with, of course, a bridge to connect the bulbs.

Everything is on same breaker circuit.

No changes to doorbell settings.
It is not too cold here and doorbell wiring provides sufficient power.

Could the new devices cause the battery to drain on the doorbell (especially at night when all the lights are on)?

Doorbell has drained completely once already. Recharged 100% and it is starting to drain again.

Hi @Pipbrit8. It might be possible that adding other devices on the same breaker circuit could be impacting the amount of power going through the doorbell circuit. However, I’m not an electrician and that sort of question would be better directed towards a qualified electrician.

Hardwiring your Doorbell 2 to an existing doorbell circuit provides a trickle charge. This may not charge your Doorbell quickly enough if there’s been an increase in activity. You can find more information and troubleshooting steps for unexpected battery drain here. For additional assistance, get in touch with our support team at one of the numbers available here.

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