Can both users view and answer ring?

If we have 2 users connected to 1 doorbell, if both users answer the ring on their device, can they both (1) see live view and (2) use 2 way talk at the same time?

Or is it the case that whoever answers first is the only person that can view live view and conduct 2 way talk?

I plan on setting up a tablet at the door to automatically answer ring and launch live view. So I’m wondering if I’m away from home and my tablet at home answers the ring first, will I still be able to answer the ring and interact with whoever that’s at the door? I’m hoping that even though my home tablet setup would answer the ring, I would still be able to see and interact with the person at the door on my phone when I’m not home.

Hi @CATorUser. This is a great question! Thankfully, this will not have to be a concern for you, as multiple users logged in (shared user or owner) can answer the Live View notification. Please note that if two devices are connected to Live View that the audio quality may lag if two voices are talking at once. Although, as long as both devices have a stable connection, the Live View should be able to load simultaneously without a concern. :smiley_cat: