Can Anyone Help With this - Customer Services can't

I have been on the phone 4 times today to Customer Support (And a very long time with my Internet Provider) but still have problems. I have a brand new (2 days) Ring Doorbell 3. If someone comes on my drive, my phone and Amazon devices let me know. If someone rings the bell, they let me know BUT I cannot get live view to work on my phone, my Ipad or Amazon Show 8. My phone is giving me the message - ‘Live View blocked by your network’, No one at Customer Support seems to know what this means. I can’t face another day on the phone tomorrow going over the same things time and time again. Can anyone please advise.


Hi there, @RealMarine! Glad to see you received your replacement device, and was able to get it setup. It’s great that the motion and ring events are notifying you. Is there also a video recorded to view for these events, even if live view cannot be?

As a test, and although live view did not work on multiple mobile device, try downloading the Rapid Ring app, to see if live view works when using it. This can rule out many factors at once.

Please also ensure there is not a vpn enabled on any mobile device. Additionally, it’s always a good step to try live view on wifi only and on cellular data only to see if your mobile device processes better with either connection. Feel free to let us know these results! :slight_smile:

Thanks for your assistance. The message I am getting on my phone (Android) is ‘Live view is blocked by your network.’
This happens if I use Wifi and if I turn off Wifi and use Data. No difference,
I am already using Rapid Ring. It happens on there.
I do not have a VPN on my phone,
In my IPad using Rapid Ring I get a message ‘Your WI-FI network may be blocking Live View.’
If I use my laptop (Rapid Ring not available there) I get a message ‘Establishing session’ and the white dots just keep spinning.
It’s just not working.

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Of course, @RealMarine . Thank you for the update on this. We’ve successfully ruled out mobile device variables related to connection, and this message seems to agree, the next best step will be to check the network. The best thing to check first is RSSI. As you have the Video Doorbell 3, please ensure this is setup using your 2.4 Ghz wifi connection, rather than the 5Ghz.

In this case, this may require a more advanced solution. Feel free to check out also our help center article about ports and protocols. Checking with your internet service provider is also a good way to confirm nothing has changed on the network or ISP side. Looking forward to any updates or solutions you find with this!

Thanks again but I’ve had enough. My phone and laptop show an RSSI of 62. Not brilliant but not bad. I’ve purchased an item with a price tag of £159 and it should work. I shouldn’t have to be ringing Egypt 4 times a day or spending ages on the phone to my Internet Service Provider, I shouldn’t have to keep coming on here for help, or trolling through page after page of other peoples horror stories about their doorbell not connecting in order to try to get mine to work. The doorbell should work. I am a 76 year old veteran… “Ports and Protocols” mean nothing to me but the doorbell should work. Please can I have my money back ? Is there a guarantee ? It’s less than one week old.

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Hi @RealMarine. Happy to chime in for Marley. The ports and protocols mentioned earlier are in reference to the way your Ring devices connect to the internet through your router. This is something our support team can assist you with. If you are looking to return your Ring devices, you can do that here, or by contacting support. I hope this helps.

@RealMarine this happen to me all the time, I also have Blink Camera and have no issues connecting to the blink system, your best bet is to get rid of Ring and buy Blink, their Doorbell is released soon, All my friends also has same issue so this is well known fault and Ring just isn’t good enough

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