Can anyone help me with the LA600WH and Ring Doorbell Pro 2

I recently got a NuTone LA600WH. Which is listed as a supported electronic chime for Ring Pro 2 doorbells.
However, when i installed it. The chime did not work. It looks like as soon as i install the ring doorbell pro 2 power pack the electronic chime loses all its power and does not work at all.
I just ordered a hardwired ring branded 16V AC at 30 VA transformer.

I hope this will help since ive read the power pack is no longer required with this transformer installed.

Is there anything else i may be doing wrong? Unfortunately although its listed as a supported device there is little to no information on how to make them work together.

Please, any help is appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi @user57459. The Pro Power kit is required when you are installing the Ring Doorbell Pro or Pro 2. Please ensure you’re following the installation instructions for the Doorbell Pro 2 here, including the steps for installing the Pro Power Kit. If this issue persists after checking that everything is installed correctly, please follow up with our support team so they can review the wiring with you and help determine a resolution.