Can Alarm on Bypass Go Off?

Can a Ring Alarm System that is on Bypass ever go off on it’s own?
Also, if system is on Bypass and I press the Police button on the keypad, will it go off…or does it have to be armed for that to work? Thanks!!

Hi @Pelikanyo. To clarify, the Ring Alarm itself does not go on bypass. If you try to arm the system in Home or Away but you have a door or window open, you will be asked to bypass that Contact Sensor that is open. This means that the Contact Sensor on the door or window that was open will not be monitored, but the rest of your Sensors will be armed as expected based on the Mode you have selected when arming the system. Additionally, having a bypassed Sensor will not impact the other buttons on the Keypad such as the Police or Panic buttons. I hope this helps answer your questions! :slight_smile:

I’m so sorry…I meant on “Disarm” not “Bypass.”
Should read:
“Can a Ring Alarm System that is on “DISARM” ever go off on it’s own?”

Thank you

@Pelikanyo No, the Ring Alarm will not be triggered if it is Disarmed. This also does not impact the Police or Panic buttons on your Keypad. The Police and Panic buttons will sound the siren and send push notifications to emergency contacts when pressed. If you have enrolled in Professional Monitoring, it will also send the monitoring center a panic signal to request police dispatch. Let me know if you have any other questions. :slight_smile: