Can a Ring replace my round doorbell?

The scourge of porch pirates has me looking at video doorbells.
The problem is I have a round doorbell that is in a wall 90 degrees to the door, and that wall is covered in decorative stone.

I have not seen any example installations that replace a doorbell like I have.
Can the Ring replace a round doorbell? Can the wedge adapter be used in that situation? Will the wedge be enough to deal with the 90 degree angle? Any thoughts on the stone?

What alternatives are there to replacing my doorbell if what I have is just too difficult to replace?

Great questions @MattLaz! When it comes to angling a Doorbell properly on a perpendicular entryway wall, our Corner kits will certainly help! Our Doorbells all feature a generous field of view and so angling it sideways even slightly, can be enough to capture and view an approaching visitor.

As for the physical installation and mounting of a Doorbell, this scenario is certainly unique with the shape and surface of the wall. Our Doorbells are securely mounted with screws and are rectangular in shape. Perhaps some neighbors here in the Community will share their experience with decorative stone walls.

If mounting to this surface does not look feasible to you, the best solution might be one of our Security Camera devices. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Hi! I live in Arizona (yay Ring!) and have this EXACT same issue and so do a lot of the homes in my neighborhood. If Ring made a round version of the camera I know they’d sell a lot of them (I’d be buying 2 for my home!) Stucco with rock facing and doorbells placed in between is very common here. This is the one I use now in two spots at my residence and would MUCH prefer to switch them to Ring doorbells!

Ring - please, please consider! #bigfanhere

All the best from N Phoenix!

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I replaced a round doorbell in a stucco wall using the Ring supplied wall anchors. You should be able to pull the doorbell slightly off the wall to see how big the opening is behind it. The Ring doorbell should be big enough to cover it. Not sure about the surface and the angle you are dealing with.

Hey neighbors. I wanted to share the No Drill Mount with you! This is a great option for those hard to drill surfaces. I hope this can work for you!