Cams will not connect after power outages

We are having a frustrating time reconnecting our two 3rd gen Ring plug-in indoor stickup cams after an area wide electric power loss two nights ago. This is not a new problem with these Ring cameras.

We experience a lot of power losses here. About one every two or three months. Reconnecting Ring cameras always takes days. They don’t want to reconnect by themselves even though Ring says they will. After a dozen or more manual reconnect tries over several days they will connect but it seems to be a random event. We don’t know what we do right when that happens.

I would like to know what we are doing wrong.

Oh, some additional info:

The Ring app is up to date.

Both camera locations have plenty of wifi signal strength. Full wifi fans on 2.4GHz. Even 5GHz signal is at full strength. These are the same unchanged channels and passwords we used previously.

The wifi router is a Nighthawk XR1000. We have discovered previously in trying to reconnect these Ring cams that this router’s auto optimal channel selection function does not work for Ring cams (and several other smart home devices such as any Google Home device). So that function is permanently turned off.

The wifi router was rebooted after this recent power outage and we notice WPA3 is now active instead of the previous setting of WPA2. Google devices are reconnecting just fine, but the Ring cameras are saying there is no wifi security at all. So, it appears Ring cams need a software or firmware security update. Bypassing the security notice (as Ring cam setup routine says we can do) does not help with reconnecting. Could this be a problem anyway?

Hi @user7406. After a wifi outage, your Ring Stick Up Cams will automatically try to reconnect to your wifi network. However, Ring devices are not compatible with WPA3, so you would need to switch back to WPA2 or create a guest network using WPA2. I’d recommend adjusting that first, then attempting a new setup in the Ring app using the steps under Set Up a Device. This should allow you to reconnect your cameras to the network.